• Vision

    To promote “good healthy drinks, enriched life”, an ideal brands choice for every family.

  • Mission

    At ST Global Century we strive to continually improve in term of product development as well as customer service to better assist our clients.

  • Benefits of Coconuts

    Helps to boost immunity – preventing diseases such as urinary tract infections, influenza, throat infections and many more.

Welcome To ST Global

We had started up as an agricultural paradise business located at Bagan Datoh Perak, Malaysia since 1971. ST Global Century Fresh Coconut has a strong foothold in the trading, distribution and export management of fresh young coconuts. The most importantly ST Global services on consistency delivery and providing good quality fresh coconuts all year round. Besides supplying high quality coconuts, we are also known for our skills in terms of value added and our cut of the coconuts come in various shapes and sizes, showcasing the creativity of the team behind ST Global Century.

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Protect kidney and bladder from diseases and infection respectively.

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Pandan Coconut

100% Healthy Coconut Water

Pandan Coconut are 100% natural, authentic and the fragrant smell of pandan and appropriate to drink and eat fresh. Mostly Chinese Restaurant, Hotels.

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Kerisik Kelapa Coconut Paste

Suitable for rendang, kerabu, sambal, kurma and a variety of other dishes.

Rasa Enak Kerisik Kelapa Coconut Paste is a paste that is traditionally used to make your dishes more flavourful, aromatic and tasty.

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Santan Kelapa Coconut Milk

coconut milk can be used in many recipes such as chicken curry, nasi lemak, rendang, as well as desserts

Coconut Milk employs the most advanced equipment throughout its manufacturing process which ensures not only that the last drop of coconut milk squeezed, but that freshness and smell are retained.

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Aids in digestion and helps your body to absorb nutrients and minerals better.